Sunday, 3 February 2013

Friendss ;D

Haiiii, almost 2month tht we never been tgether .. Yeah, it's totally awkward to start my day a new school .. Without them, my life feel unperfect .. Hmmm, i really miss their laugh, smile, thier cute faces and much more ;D Di sekolah baru, mmg tdak ada yg sama kepala dngan sya, tpi di Kidurong, mmg bnyak yg sekepala dngan syaa, trutamanya, Maruskhaaa <3 Inii budakk mmg PA ttp sya, boring tidak ada dia dkat skolah .. Sya muram jerr kalau ge skolah, kalau ada dia, hari hari sya slalu Happy till died ;)) Mmg susah nk tnggalkan  Maruskha nehh, sya gembira glak tngok kat blog dia, kbnyakan about me .. Awwww, yeahh, you're my truly bestfriiends tht nver stab me at the back and mosty supporting me in everything ;)) Thanks Honeyyyyy <3

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